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What is Mainstreet?

Mainstreet is a platform dedicated to filling the gap in sneaker and street fashion culture in India concerning its two biggest aspects - awareness and accessibility.


Mainstreet started off as just a YouTube channel and runs on 2 uploads a week - one with the intention of drawing public attention through something short-form, fun and intriguing to masses, followed up with a podcast - an in depth conversation with enthusiasts, celebrities, and more such individuals to educate audiences more intimately. 

The Mandate

In support of the YouTube channel, The Mainstreet Mandate indulges in written content along the same lines more specific toward the news segment of content, communicated through our Instagram Feed and this website. 

Our marketplace is India's #1 platform to buy, sell & trade sneakers and hype apparel. 

After interacting with the Indian market for sometime, we identified that the best method of operating our marketplace in a space like our country's is through Instagram and WhatsApp. We personally deal with each of our 1000+ clients over our two channels on a daily basis, although our website does have a small portion of our apparel catalogue. 

The Mainstreet Marketplace

Our Physical Store

We launched India's first and only physical sneaker and street fashion consignment store till date in our origin city of Pune. 
Unfortunately though, we soon realised we needed to move base to the city of Mumbai for the business to grow and have since moved the business exclusively online - so we took the tough decision to shut the store down. 

The Mainstreet Marketplace no longer operates in Koregaon Park in Pune, but we are currently scouting locations in Mumbai and will soon launch a store here.